About Us

About ArcPoint

ArcPoint was founded by investigators, for investigators. We understand your mission. We have experienced your frustration. Every day we ask ourselves: “What else can we bring to the table that would make digital forensics easier and the work of investigators more productive?” and “How can we meet the need of investigators to easily acquire, exploit, and access captured data?”.


Corporate Drivers

The Three A’s of ArcPoint

  • Accessibility Everything we do is focused on making digital forensics accessible to more people, so investigators and their organizations can get more done.  
  • Affordability Digital forensics capabilities are no longer a luxury, they are a necessity. We want every organization—from the largest federal agency to the smallest police department—to have the tools they need to accomplish their mission. Our products are priced to make that possible. 
  • Attitude of Service  Your satisfaction and success are our highest priority. Tell us what you need and ArcPoint will move mountains to provide it. From new features to pinpoint customization to product support, we want to hear from you.

Meet Our Founders

Amy Moles

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

With a B.S. in Cybersecurity and Information Assurance, and an MBA in Program Management, Amy brings technical and management expertise from ten years of experience supporting sensitive government digital forensics programs as a technical operations and exploitation analyst, digital forensics subject matter expert, and program manager directing diverse technical teams. Her blend of technical and business expertise makes her the perfect choice to lead ArcPoint’s corporate team, building a solid operational foundation for our digital forensics product line.

Jared Ringenberg

President and Acting Chief Technical Officer (CTO)

Jared is ArcPoint’s lead developer as well as our President. With an extensive background supporting technical field operations, including complex, sensitive digital forensics missions in austere environments, Jared understands the real needs of military and other field investigators and is bringing his years-long vision for simple, powerful digital forensics tools to life. In addition to a B.S. in Computer Information Systems and an M.S. in Offensive Computer Security, Jared has a B.A. in Business Administration. From product development to corporate management, his leadership steers ArcPoint as we drive toward our goal of providing the best digital forensics tools on the market.

Team Member Profiles Coming Soon!