Forensic Media Exploitation Training

Forensic Media Exploitation Training

This year, ArcPoint Forensics is proud to be attending the Paraben PFIC conference in Nashville and providing training on Forensic Media Exploitation. This training is something that is near and dear to our hearts at ArcPoint because many of us have actively deployed worldwide in support of the DoD by performing forensic exploitation of electronic devices. This is also a preview of new and exciting course offerings we’ll soon be providing at ArcPoint; so stay tuned!

SIGN UP Sept 6-9 Nashville TN

Fundamentals of Forensics

Something that every analyst needs is a rundown on the fundamentals of digital forensics. Everyone doing digital forensic examinations comes from different backgrounds and has different experiences. There are many investigators based in law enforcement and many corporate analysts. The common ground that all of these requirements is an understanding of the fundamentals of digital forensics and how to pull out evidence. ArcPoint’s training will run through the gamut of the collection, triage, and reporting of digital evidence. 

  • The proper handling and collection of digital evidence is extremely important to ensure that the evidence you find will hold up in court and that you properly handle the evidence
  • Tomorrow’s mission may depend on evidence collected today and sometimes we need a quick turnaround of the evidence. We will show you tools (free and paid) you may want to use to conduct triage and report writing 


Fundamentals of ATRIO

Another exciting aspect of training being provided at the PFIC conference is an overview of our seamless and user-friendly tool, ATRIO. In the Fundamentals of Forensics training, we will touch on separate tools and techniques available to examiners. It is these tools, steps, and the transferring and processing of data that comprise the entire digital forensic workflow: collecting, triaging and reporting. ATRIO condenses all of those numerous steps down into a simple two-step process. The Fundamentals of ATRIO show how the user only needs to plug in a source drive and an accompanying destination drive and hit GO. And that’s it! ATRIO will image, process, and provide reports without the need to transfer images to different computers or open up different applications. ATRIO was designed to give the examiner a quick turnaround on-site so decisions could be made and the next steps are taken. We will show how this can be done with ATRIO by going through the basic operation and function of the device.

Brought to you by Field Experience

The bytes and data on a digital device are all the same, but there are definitely nuances an examiner may not think about. Something unique about the training ArcPoint is developing is that it’s brought to you from the perspective of digital forensic analysts that have deployed worldwide to conduct forensic investigations. So you’ll walk away knowing you’re fully capable of conducting forensic investigations in any environment.



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