ArcPoint Newsletter, September 2021

Oct 27, 2021 |

DF Industry Happenings

This month, ArcPoint is highlighting the SANS Institute, which has an absolute wealth of training and learning resources for anyone interested in digital forensics and cybersecurity.

For Professionals. ArcPoint is looking forward to the 2nd Annual, SANS Cyber Solutions Fest October 21-22, 2021. This event explores "Cybersecurity Solutions for Today’s Challenges" by connecting cybersecurity professionals of all levels with the latest solutions, tools, and techniques. Participants can choose from four "levels" to focus on their specific areas of interest: Threat Hunting & Intel, SOC & SOAR, Cloud Security, and MITRE ATT&ACK®. ArcPoint can’t wait to see what is currently out there and coming available, and get even more ideas for how our solutions can support mission-critical cybersecurity workflows.

For Novices. "How do I get started in DFIR, and where do I get experience?" ArcPoint leaders often get this question from students and individuals looking for a career change. Here are two examples of SANS resources we love to refer newcomers to when they want to learn about what we do and why we are so passionate about it!

This Webcast, featuring Phil Moore, SANS Instructor and Course Author, does a fantastic job explaining how individuals can dive into our industry and find resources to learn about uncovering key digital forensic artifacts to help expand and grow their skills.

We really enjoyed this webcast by Kathryn Hedley, Associate Instructor, SANS Institute. Not only did she give a great overview of digital evidence, investigations, and forensics, she discussed the specific high-profile case of how metadata recovered from computer document files led law enforcement to the evidence they needed to break the case and arrest the infamous serial killer known as the "BTK Killer". 

ArcPoint Company and Product News


Live Demos of ATRIO™ on Thursday Afternoons. Join Us!

Please join ArcPoint Founder/President/CTO Jared Ringenberg (we call him Three-Hat Jared!) on Thursday afternoons from 2pm – 3pm (EST) for a live demo of ATRIO™. During the demo, Jared walks participants through the full range of capabilities and features of ATRIO™ and then shows ATRIO™ in action, performing our patented simultaneous acquisition and exploitation process. Participants can submit questions for the Q&A session. Don’t pass up this opportunity to learn what ATRIO™ can do and see how easy it is to learn and use. Click here to sign up!

If you can’t make it to one of our live sessions (those are the best) check out our September 16th recording!

Pre-Sales Are Open

Click here so we get you set up with a meeting to discuss pricing, delivery schedules, and any final questions you have about ATRIO™! Sara will reach out to coordinate a time that works for you and then our CEO and co-founder, Amy Moles, or the aforementioned triple-hatted Jared Ringenberg, will give you a call personally to get the ball rolling on your order.

Remember, inventory is going to be extremely limited in 2021 due to supply chain challenges, AND we have some killer promotions for our early adopters that won’t be available next year. So, act fast if you want to get your unit before the end of the year and take advantage of some serious cost savings!

Monthly Tech Tip

Need to share/trace shell command history across multiple terminal sessions? There is a simple way to do so in zsh. Simply add the following lines to the .zshrc file in your home directory:

######## History configuration ########

# Command history will be saved to this file on disk

# Limit the number of entries to save to the history file

setopt sharehistory
# Share command history across terminal sessions

setopt appendhistory
# Append command to the history file

setopt incappendhistory
# Append command to the history file immediately upon its execution