The driving force behind the creation of ArcPoint Forensics is our vision for a simple-yet-complete, powerful-yet-portable digital forensics tool that is accessible to the non-technical user while also satisfying the demands of the professional forensic examiner. With ATRIO, we have created precisely that.

A powerful, all-in-one tool that fits in the palm of your hand, ATRIO features all of the forensics capabilities our customers expect, but with the added advantage of our patented simultaneous acquisition and exploitation capability. Using this capability, ATRIO creates a full physical (vs. logical) image of your source files and begins to triage and review the data with as little as 5% acquisition completed. No more waiting for acquisition to finish and then transferring the data to another tool to begin the exploitation process!

ATRIO’s intuitive, tactile button panel and easy-to navigate, intelligently-organized output welcome non-technical users into the world of digital forensics, so everyone can get more done. In the office or on-the-go, ATRIO is ready when you are.

Say hello to plug-and-play, push-button digital forensics and say goodbye to bottlenecks and backlogs.

Key Features
• All-in-one hardware/software solution
• Patented parallel processing capability
• No additional software, dongles, or peripherals needed
• Requires only a regular power source to operate
• Fast, free training
• Customizable AI-based object detection
• Rugged, durable casing
• NIST-Accredited

ATRIO-X, the big brother to ATRIO!

ATRIO-Recover, our exciting retail consumer product!


ATRIO Cluster, simple add-on for enhanced GPU processing capabilities

ATRIO Lab, a server-based version for large data operations

ATRIO Portal, a bridge to link ATRIO’s capabilities to your PC or ATRIO Lab

ATRIO Station, ATRIO in a powerful, full-scale workstation